Corby Learning Centre

Free help with IT training

Free and easy IT skills training is now available in Corby town centre, thanks to the familiar name of Tresham College.

Since becoming part of The Bedford College Group, Tresham College has gone from strength to strength, with our modern campus on the outskirts of town attracting more students than ever before. The Bedford College Group has a successful history of running Learning Centres, which offer beginners basic IT skills training, and allow others to gain employer-recognised qualifications as they improve on their “self-taught” talents.

Jas Khabra (pictured below) is the Lead Trainer and is delighted to be welcoming people to our new home at 40 George Street, Corby.

The centre is subject to social distancing and other Government regulations. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, with keyboards and equipment being sanitised between sessions.

To find out more, call 01536 413242 or visit our webpage.

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