14-28 May: Knife Angel comes to Corby

The internationally-acclaimed ‘Knife Angel’ sculpture is coming to Corby as part of a huge multi-agency initiative to combat knife crime.

The towering 8.2m high sculpture was created in 2018 and will be located in Corporation Street, Corby from 14-28 May, one of three locations in Northamptonshire as it tours the UK.

The Knife Angel (also referred to as the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression) is a contemporary sculpture formed of 100,000 knives created by artist Alfie Bradley and the British Ironworks Centre, based in Oswestry. In order to create the sculpture, 200 knife banks were produced by the Ironworks and amnesties held for individuals to anonymously donate their knives. Knives seized by the 43 police forces in England and Wales were also included.

Members of the public are being invited to attend a sign-up event to make a pledge to oppose all forms of violence and aggression. Everyone who makes this pledge will receive an ambassador certificate and sticker/badge. Sign-up events are being held at 36-38 Corporation Street, Corby Library at The Cube and Corby East Midlands International Pool. See below for dates and times. There will also be an extensive schools engagement programme across the district. Other activities as part of a co-ordinated local initiative include:

• Arts engagement by Lemonpop and Made with Many
• Rooftop Gallery photography competition
• Cadets First Aid advice/awareness raising
• Youth-led event at The Lab, Corby Cube
• Community vigil in remembrance of Corby knife crime victim Rayon Pennycook
• Police knife amnesty event

The full calendar of events can be viewed at: northnorthants.gov.uk.

Ambassador pledge and sign-up dates

16 May from 2pm to 4pm: 36-38 Corporation Street
17 May from 11am to 3pm: Corby Library
20 May from 11am to 3pm: 36-38 Corporation Street
21 May from 11am to 3pm: 36-38 Corporation Street
23 May from 1pm to 3pm: Tresham Institute
24 May from 11am to 3pm: East Midlands International Pool
26 May from 11am to 3pm: East Carlton Country Park
28 May from 11am to 2pm: 36-38 Corporation Street